Fix It Now Pay Later

We all struggle with money problems from time to time, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting your car repaired by professionals!

Sometimes a fixed car is all you need to:

– find a job
– keep your job
– sell your car
– save on transport costs
– save time
– travel
– have peace of mind!

Roverworks is offering you a way to get your car fixed now – then pay later!

Through Certegy Ezi-Pay you can make partial payments (no interest for upto 18 months) for the cost of vehicle repairs. Total cost of services should not exceed $4,000 – which is actually equivalent to payments of just $50/week!

There’s no excuse to having your car fixed. We can even arrange to tow the car from your garage!

Call Roverworks now on (02) 6241 8777 to ask about our Fix It Now Pay Later offer.